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Designed by top recruiters, our AI-powered platform instantly gives you tailored feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Land 5x more interviews, opportunities, and job offers with us.

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If you want to improve your resume and optimize your LinkedIn profile, you should definitely check out Social Profile Views. Here are some reasons why you should choose Social Profile Views:
  • Get your resume reviewed instantly to ensure it is ready to get your dream job.

  • Social Profile Views can help you target specific keywords that recruiters are looking for.

  • The platform offers recommendations on how to improve your profile so that it stands out more.

  • Improve your resume with ready-to-use resume samples

Write and improve your resume

Are You struggling to write your resume? Don’t worry. We have over 250+ sample bullet points from top resumes across all industries and skills. Use our templates and sample lines to quickly write an effective resume from scratch.

With Score My Resume, you can improve your resume one upload at a time. Unlike any other tool, you get specific feedback on your resume’s content, including on each bullet point.

Optimize your job search funnel

Let’s say you apply to or get contacted by a recruiter for 50 job openings. Out of those, your resume might get you 5 interviews, and out of those, you may end up getting one job offer.
Social Profile Views optimizes this job search funnel. With LinkedIn Review, you’ll get contacted by more recruiters for more jobs on LinkedIn, thus widening the top part of the funnel. With our resume tools, you’ll then be able to ensure you are maximizing the conversion of those jobs to interviews.


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