Helping laid-off and terminated employees with a smooth transition to new jobs! Our HR outplacement services assist existing workers by easing their unemployment stress and finding them better career opportunities.

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How Can Job Assist Help You Find a Better Job?

Terminations or layoffs are unfortunate events that many employees have to go through. Our HR outplacement services can help them with a stress-free career transition without breaking their confidence due to sudden job loss. Our Job Assist helps in:

  • Boosting employee morale

  • Providing Job coaching

  • Resume Writing

  • Finding better jobs

Our Job Assist supports junior to senior-level employees, whose employment has either ended or is ending, in moving on to another job.

How does HR Outplacement help existing employees?

We focus on helping employees improve the skills required for re-employment such as resume writing, communication skills, networking, navigating jobs, negotiating salaries, etc. Our outplacement job coaches ensure that an individual overcomes the stress of termination easily and moves on with a positive spirit. At Job assist, we help in boosting employees’ confidence and also provide them with great opportunities to present themselves to potential recruiters. We help them land better jobs faster and start off on a new beginning. Our invaluable support to transitioning employees includes job counseling, career guidance, job placement help, and much more.

How It Works?

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