How to Write a College Resume: A Guide for Recent Grads


The objective of any resume is to demonstrate your skills, experience, and value to potential employers. This can be a challenge for college students who don’t have much (or any) workforce experience. But don’t worry! Employers don’t expect recent grads to have a lot of work experience, and college resumes are meant to look

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Career Change Ideas for Hospitality Professionals


Whether you work at restaurants or hotels, casinos or concerts, the hospitality life is always an interesting one. But maybe you’ve decided to shift your career away from hospitality, either because of the changing economy or your changing needs. Where do you go? Which career do you pursue next? Hospitality professionals are skilled at

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How to Negotiate Salary


For most people, talking about money is, well, just plain awkward. Whether it’s among friends, family, or coworkers, most of us would rather the topic be avoided completely. There is one time when talking about salary can (and should) be discussed. When you’re in the process of accepting a new job, this conversation cannot

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14 Well-Matched Jobs for Former Teachers


Teaching is a rewarding career and perhaps one of the most important jobs in society. Teachers often work under immense pressure and develop fine tuned skills. But what happens when teaching no longer works for your lifestyle? How do you transfer your specialized skills to a new career? We used the Jobscan Career Change Tool to

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20 ATS-Friendly Resume Templates


There are a number of considerations to weigh before deciding on a resume format and template, like your field or industry, depth of work experience, and skill set. Today, job seekers also need their resume to be compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS). An ATS resume template can be the difference between getting noticed and slipping through the cracks.Why

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How to Use Twitter in Your Job Search


Using Twitter in your job search is probably not something you’ve considered before. LinkedIn, and even Facebook, which both have more obvious job searching capabilities, may seem like the best social channels to put your energy, but don’t write off Twitter just yet. Here are a few unique ways to use Twitter in your job search.

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What To Do When You Can’t Find a Job (4 Real Problems with 4 Real Solutions)


Think of your job search journey like a hose in your front yard. When it’s going well, the water flows strong from the water source all the way to the end of the hose. But today, you turned the water on and it’s not making its way to the spout. The problem? There’s a

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When, Why, and How to Follow Up on a Job Application


It’s common knowledge a job seeker should follow up after an interview, but did you know it can be extremely helpful to follow up on your job application, too? It can be nerve-wracking to be the first one to establish contact after the faceless online job application process, but standing out from other candidates early on

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9 Musts for Finding a Job After 50


A common error many job seekers over 50 (and those who haven’t needed to job search in years, for that matter) make is thinking job searching hasn’t changed much. It has. Here’s what you need to know when job hunting after 50. 1. Self-Reflection Before embarking on a job search, evaluate what’s important to

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How to Answer: What Are Your Salary Expectations?


Answering the interview question “What are your salary expectations?” is usually the most complex “dance” in the whole interviewing process. It can also be the most dangerous. The best strategy is to do your research in advance, know the minimum you can accept (your “walk away” number when the job is not worth it

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